Stay compliant and save money

As qualified CPAs and tax advisors, we know the world of tax like the back of our hand. Combine this with our passion for entrepreneurs and you get tax and time savings that our clients love. While we focus on keeping the value you created in your hands, our tax services for business include extensive review processes aimed at keeping you compliant with the CRA so you don’t have to worry.

Specialized Tax Services for Businesses

Every truly successful business has a solid foundation of accurate accounting, tax compliance, and good tax planning. We’ve built our business to include custom tax services to deal with all the complicated issues that arise. From accessing small business tax rates, capital gains exemptions and other favourable tax provisions, to staying compliant with the latest regulations, and every tax situation in between, we’ll be at your side with a wealth of tax experience to draw from. Our experience and passion in this area mean you don’t have to worry. If you’ve got a simple tax question or a complicated tax situation, speak to our team today. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind we bring them, their business and their families as we navigate complex issues to a tax-efficient conclusion.

Managing your business life-cycle

Our unrivaled tax and accounting knowledge stems from countless hours of study and years of practical experience. Our team can handle all your accounting and tax requirements for you, without the confusion, jargon, or stress. At each stage of your business’ life cycle, we are there to help you. The choices you make at the start can have long-ranging effects. We have helped many business owners incorporate with a starting structure that allows for flexibility as circumstances change. As time goes on, acquisitions and sales of a business come with many tax and financial implications. We work with your legal advisor to plan, structure and negotiate the transaction with tax efficiencies and your best interests in mind. As you approach retirement (or just want to move on to the next challenge), we can help you sort through the options for succession so that you continue to benefit from the value you created (in ways permitted by tax laws) even as the business continues under the right new leadership.

For Accountants and Business Lawyers

Do you want to work with an advisor who can handle more complex tax cases? We offer specialty tax services to other CPA firms and general business lawyers who prefer to focus on their own areas of expertise. We can analyze client situations and advise on initial share structuring, reorganizations of capital, sales/purchases of businesses, qualified small business corporation shares, tax-deferred rollovers, “estate freezes”, the new “split-income” rules, principal residence issues and many more. . We are happy to provide our advice either to you or directly to your client, as you prefer. Why not talk to us today?

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