We combine modern technology with decades of experience

Innovative, forward-thinking business owners need an innovative, forward-thinking advisor. At Exchequer CPA, we’re more than just accountants: Over the years we’ve used our strategic management expertise to help clients chart a course, applied advanced tax strategies so they keep more of what they earn, assisted clients to finance operations, buy or sell their businesses and pass them on to the next generation tax-efficiently.

Our accounting team are based in Vancouver but we can look after your needs anywhere in Canada with today’s technology. We connect tried-and-tested accounting procedures with cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients can access their financial information anytime, from anywhere, with systems they trust.

Who we work with

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs start, grow and build successful businesses. We have such a deep appreciation for these people, their passion, dedication and optimism for business. We believe the world is truly a better place because of the hard work and efforts of entrepreneurs. Their products, services, innovations and the calculated risks they take every day drive our world. That’s why we take pride in helping them keep more of their resources in the productive economy (to the extent allowed and encouraged by tax laws), for the benefit of themselves, their family and the wider community. We work with entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals, taking on their financial recordkeeping, analysis, strategy and complex tax planning so they can focus on what they do best: Making their customers happy.

What you can expect

Tailored services

All of our services are tailored to suit your needs, goals and requirements. We focus on understanding what success looks like to you and crafting a suite of services to help you get there.

Expertise you can trust

Exchequer CPA brings together a specialist team of qualified, experienced and professional accountants, combining mid-sized firm and national firm experience. Our professionals have owned and managed businesses of their own and are well placed to understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. There’s no doubt our team have advanced technical knowledge, but we’ve also got the experience to match. We’ll give you advice you can use to keep your company heading in the right direction.

Advanced technology

Here at Exchequer CPA, we combine modern cloud-based reporting technology with all the the traditional service and discretion historically expected from a chartered accountant. That means all our accounting, tax and business advisory services are delivered efficiently while keeping the personal touch our clients love.

An extensive network

Exchequer CPA is part of an exclusive network of other trusted professionals including cost-efficient business lawyers, trust and estate lawyers, and U.S. tax specialists. We are happy to provide referrals so our clients can build meaningful connections.

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